Sweet Cabins


Enjoy the good life on nature’s doorstep in this 24x28 two-story cabin with a 8x28 porch.


    As someone who appreciates the rewards of a life close to nature, I am proud to offer Sweet Cabins - a real bargain at a time when value and craftsmanship are less and less likely to intersect - or are out of financial reach for average people like you and me.

    Most of our clients are hard working folks who know the value of a dollar and aren’t afraid to get a little dirt under their fingernails. Many have saved up enough to buy their cabins outright, avoiding mortgages and all the heart-ache and hassle that can go with that commitment.

    We intentionally keep our overhead low at Sweet Cabins so we can pass savings on to you. That means you won’t find me behind an office desk in a lot full of models. I’m usually on the road to a building site, keeping it simple with a cell phone and a notebook in my car. Give me a call any time.

    Many of our satisfied customers have agreed to show their cabins to other clients, so when you’re in a serious mind to buy one, ask me about that.

    Thank you for visiting our website. I hope we’ll have occasion to do business up the road a piece.


Tim Ringer



Amish Built, Sturdy & Affordable