We build in parts of OH, WV, & KY.

     You figure up the size and model of your cabin, along with our standard porches, or decks, porch roofs, closed-in porches, etc. and give us a call. We'll be happy to get a quote figured for the cabin of your dreams! 

Soon enough you'll be kicking your feet up on your OWN porch at Mother Nature's doorstep, thinking "Home, SweetCabin, Home." Just give us a call to start the process!

     Here’s wishing you lots of high quality porch time at your SweetCabin in the not too distant future!

Or just close-in a little.

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8' Porch 


Consider a porch roof without the decking boards to use as a carport.

Occasionally customers choose to have blocks under the porches as well as under the cabin. 

Close-in a LOT of the porch...

10' Porch 

No porch looks good too!

The pitch of the porch roof on the gable could be steep like these two...

Notice how a porch along the width stops short of the corner about 2' so the porch roof fits nicely inside the cabin roofline. 

Opt for an inset porch on the one-story... 

Or go for a lower pitch on the porch roof like these two...

Consider adding an upstairs deck to your SweetCabin.


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  Porches: A Necessary Luxury 

       Amish building is simple and practical. In keeping with that spirit, and also in a real effort to keep your price down, we have been cautious about offering extras. We try to be accommodating, but “fancy” just isn’t part of our business plan.

       That said, there are a few things that bear mentioning about porches, an “extra” that most people can’t do without.

  • Porches are available at the customer’s choice in various sizes; our most popular being 10 or 8 feet wide and the full length of the cabin.
  • Porch ceilings are enclosed, finished, and nicely trimmed as part of the deal.
  • T1-11 is installed to create a nice finished look overhead.
  • All trim work on the porches (and around the windows and doors) is done with the same high-quality Eastern White Pine boards as the siding
  • Porch floor joists, upper and lower porch posts, and decking boards are all treated lumber. 
  • Porch posts are 4x4" standard, upgrade to 6x6" posts for a small fee. 
  • The lower posts are considered part of the foundation, thus will be funded by the customer at the end of the job based on what was actually used.
  • Typically we'll set the posts up on your concrete pads, but we can set the porch on another block wall or block piers. We just need to know what you're after before we draw up your foundation print. 
  • Porch posts will be not more than 8' apart. If we're building your SweetCabin on a basement, we can span up to 14' on the lower posts to accommodate for garage access. Just be sure to speak to us about this before we draw up your print, which will happen after you're on the wait list.
  • Customers may choose to have a porch on 1, 2, 3, or 4 sides of their cabin.
  • Beautiful wraparound porches are available. Notice how we finish out the 90 degree turn with a 45 degree angle overhead and on the decking boards.
  • Get your porch up to 12' deep with the standard 8' sidewall downstairs or go up to 16' deep if you upgrade to a 10' sidewall.
  • The porch ceiling is always 8 feet high, regardless of cabin sidewall height. So, whether your cabin has the standard 8' sidewalls on the first floor or you've raised the first floor ceiling to 9 or 10' high, the porch roof will stay at 8' high.
  • Create extra space with closed-in porches. The inside would be finished like the rest of the exterior cabin walls. The ceiling inside the closed-in space is vaulted and quite spacious.
  • We can incorporate decks too, on the first OR second floor.
  • We’ll build porch steps if we know while we're reviewing your job about 6 weeks prior to the build and have time on the last day, but they’re extra.
  • Consider only getting the porch roof without the decking boards to use as a patio, carport, lean-to, etc. 

​Or go for the standard porch instead. 

little porch

8' Porch 

If we have time and lumber on the last day, we'd be happy to build you some porch steps for a reasonable fee. Priced on site. Just let us know if you're interested!

10' Porch 

BIG porch