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As a family who appreciates the rewards of a life close to nature, we are proud to offer SweetCabins, a real bargain at a time when value and craftsmanship are less and less likely to intersect or are out of financial reach for average people like you and us. Most of our clients are hard working folks who know the value of a dollar and aren’t afraid to get a little dirt under their fingernails. Many have saved up enough to buy their cabins outright, avoiding mortgages and all the heart-ache and hassle that can go with that commitment.

We intentionally keep our overhead low at SweetCabins so we can pass savings on to you. That means you won’t find us behind an office desk in a lot full of models. Give us call any time M-F 9-5; we can easily get all your questions answered and quotes figured over the phone. We're able to take care of everything we need right over the phone, with email, and good ol' snail mail. If we miss your call, we'll get back to you as soon as possible. Again, in order to keep our cabin costs down, we don't have an office full of personnel awaiting your call; so please be patient! All calls are tracked, so no need for multiple calls within several business days.   

Our Amish crew will be transported to your site with their gasoline powered tools and everything needed to build your cabin. We don't need electric or water, just a foundation, windows and doors, and access in. These aren’t kits, folks! A typical cabin is hand-built in four to six days. We’ll construct your SweetCabin on your properly engineered and constructed foundation system, such as a basement, block crawl space, or low post system. We'll get a basic print drawn up with some suggested specs to you before you start digging. 

We’ll build your cabin up to 30 feet wide and as long as you wish, with or without porches. We can build our Two-Story Gable (12/12 pitch) or Gambrel (barn style) roof cabins, as well as our One-Story Gable (5/12 pitch) cabins. We build everything from little rustic cabins to weekend getaways, from tiny first homes to huge dream homes.

SweetCabins provides a weathered-in shell. Inside it’s a big, open room with an eight foot ceiling downstairs (9 or 10ft ceiling for a small fee); two-story models have either a full second floor or loft (same price). After completion of the shell and we are out of your way, you’ll design and construct your interior walls and room divisions and finish out the inside as you wish, including electric, plumbing, and insulation. Soon you'll be saying "Home, SweetCabin, Home"... or would it be "Cabin, SweetCabin" perhaps?!

We believe our Amish crew is the best in the business, and because we're an “English” family, we can brag on them a bit. Pride isn’t part of their vocabulary, but we can say we're proud of them and the work that they do.

Thank you for your interest in SweetCabins. I hope we’ll have an occasion to do business up the road a piece.

The Ringer Family