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        Your SweetCabin can be built up to thirty feet wide and as long as you desire with porches of your choice, including wraparound, closed-in, just a porch roof, or just a deck. You may choose from our three models: Two-Story Gable, Two-Story Gambrel, or One-Story Gable. We do not finish out the interior; we build the shell of your cabin, so inside it's a large, open space ready for you to get creative! The pricing on our premium cabins includes the following specs:

  • Yes, prices include Materials AND Labor!
  • Yes, prices include the siding! High-quality, Kiln-dried, Eastern White Pine Siding, put up Board & Batten Style - We do the real deal, no fake stuff here. These boards we use are special ordered and are the highest quality we can find. (no other siding options - no logs, no fake logs, no fake wood/vinyl, no other wood varieties, no metal siding, etc.)
  • Yes, prices include the metal! 29 gauge Painted Metal Roof - many beautiful color choices
  • Drip Edge​
  • Ventilated Ridge Cap
  • Vapor Barrier Underlayment below metal
  • 7/16 inch OSB Sheathing (on rafters)
  • Rafters sized per model and width - One-Story Gable uses trusses 
  • About a foot overhang along porches and gambrel/gable ends/widths of cabins
  • 5/8 inch OSB Subfloor (upgrade to 3/4" Tongue & Groove OSB for fee - recommended)
  • Floor Joists - 1st and 2nd Floor: 24-26 wide uses 2 x 8’s on 16 inch centers; 28-30 wide uses 2 x 10’s on 16 inch centers
  • 8 foot ceiling on first floor (raise it up to 9 or 10' for a small fee)
  • Sidewalls -2x4's on 2' centers with horizontal 2x4's laid flat as a nailer board for siding (Meaning, you'll have a nominal 6" wall to insulate - If you WANT 2x6's &/or 16" on centers, we can do that for a reasonable fee, but structurally most of our customers agree they don't need it. The vertical 2x4's, horizontal 2x4's, along with the kiln-dried white pine boards AND battons, create a VERY strong exoskeleton. For insulation purposes, most of our customers find that they get all the insulation they need in the nominal 6" sidewall with the 2x4 studs and the horizontal 2x4 that ties them together, thus eliminating the need to go to 2x6 studs, in which case they just about have a nominal 8" sidewall to insulate. Your call! 16" on centers is a common upgrade due to ease of finish work such as drywall and hanging cabinetry, although structurally we don't push it unless you're raising the sidewall height.) 
  • Two-story models include a basic set of steps straight up to the second floor - stair placement is mainly determined by customer (add a 90 degree turn landing a couple steps up for $200 or a bigger landing reasonably priced on site)
  • Two-story models include a full second floor or loft, your choice - Full 2nd floor is the same size as the first floor - Loft shape determined by customer - call to discuss options  
  • Housewrap NOT included. Most folks who are finishing out their cabin with insulation choose to add housewrap. The labor fee is $150 and the material is charged by the half roll on the last day based on what was actually used (most cabins average about $140 total material cost). This is a minimal charge, but one we think most folks would want. It's meant to try to put a stop to any infiltration of moisture that might try to get through the rustic siding, while allowing the cabin to breathe. We don't include it in order to keep our prices as low as possible for folks that don't need it. Some folks choose not to add it if they're going to throw a sleeping bag down and call it a day or if they have a specific plan in mind to finish out their cabin in a way that they feel it is not necessary to add housewrap. Your call! We recommend it.   
  • 4" Porch Post Uppers (can be upgraded to 6"x6" for small fee, added in on last day); lower posts are considered part of the foundation, thus will be added to the invoice on the last day. Some folks are a foot above their concrete pad while other are 10' or more; it's easiest for us and cheapest for our customers if we just wait and see what was actually used.   
  • Installation of 5 customer provided, standard size (3x5 or 4x4 or smaller), new construction style windows manufactured with a nailing flange (not Replacement nor used windows; J-Channel not needed but is OK); extra standard installs currently cost $95 per window, bigger windows (up to 6' one direction) $115; few installs come with additional fees that are reasonably priced on site - call to discuss, for example: rounded or geometric windows, windows bigger than 6' in one direction, windows up high along a cabin width where there is no 2nd floor, etc.
  • Installation of 2 customer provided, standard size (up to 36" wide framed opening) pre-hung, exterior doors; extra standard installs cost $95 per door, patio doors/double doors/single door with sidelight $115
  • All porches are finished and nicely trimmed out. Highest quality available of T1-11 is overhead; you're not looking up at the rafters, sheathing, or metal. - End porches along a cabin width stop short of the corner a couple feet to fit within the cabin roofline. Closed-in porches priced separately. Click here for more information on our PORCHES.
  • We build on customer provided, properly engineered foundations; no charge to build on a low crawl space 3-4 blocks high. If it's higher than 4 courses at any point inside or out, it's totally fine, just a small $275 per course fee added to the final invoice. The basement set fee is currently $1895 for us to build on a standard 8' or 9' tall basement. We can build on a low post-system (typically customer has 6x6's out of the ground; we'll level them off, tie them together, and build on up) currently for $1195. Once you are on the wait list, we'll review the necessary details needed and draw up a print that will delineate where the weight loads will fall, measurements, and specifics for your foundation and get that emailed over to you. 
  • Transportation not included - This price is based on cabin dimensions and specifics along with site location - Just give us a call when you're ready for that step and we can get a figure for you!​ Generally 2-4 grand for average sized cabins at an average distance.
  • Porch steps extra
  • Dormers priced separately - once we are a little further down the road and have all the specifics on your cabin. These are the most expensive upgrade we offer.  
  • NO extra fees or taxes or anything added to the cabin prices unless you choose to deviate from our standard build specifications and build processes. 
  • Honest, friendly assistance is also included in your cabin prices! But, be kind and patient with her, she's all you've got until the boys show up.