Your SweetCabin can be built up to thirty feet wide and as long as you desire with porches of your choice, including wraparound and closed-in. You may choose from our three models: Two-Story Gable, Two-Story Gambrel, or One-Story Gable. We do not finish out the interior; we build the shell of your cabin, so inside it's a large open space ready for you to get creative! The pricing on our premium cabins includes the following specs:

  • Yes, prices include Materials AND Labor!
  • High-quality, Kiln-dried, Eastern White Pine Siding, put up Board & Batten Style - We do the real deal, no fake stuff here. These boards we use are special ordered and are the highest quality we can find.
  • 29 gauge Painted Metal Roof - 18 beautiful color choices​
  • Ventilated Ridge Cap
  • Vapor Barrier Underlayment 
  • 7/16 inch OSB Sheathing (on rafters)
  • Rafters sized per model and width - One-Story Gable uses trusses 
  • 5/8 inch OSB Subfloor (can be upgraded to 3/4" Tongue & Groove OSB for small fee)
  • Floor Joists - 1st and 2nd Floor: 24-26 wide uses 2 x 8’s on 16 inch centers; 28-30 wide uses 2 x 10’s on 16 inch centers
  • 8 foot ceiling on first floor (raise it up for a small fee)
  • Sidewalls -2x4's on 2' centers with horizontal 2x4's laid flat as a nailer board for siding (meaning, you'll have a nominal 6" wall to insulate - If you WANT 2x6's &/or 16" on centers, we can do that for a reasonable fee, but structurally you don't need it. The vertical 2x4's, horizontal 2x4's, along with the kiln-dried white pine boards, creates a VERY strong exoskeleton) 
  • Two-story models include a basic set of steps straight up to the second floor - stair placement is determined by customer (add a 90 degree landing a couple steps up for $150 or a bigger landing reasonably priced on site)
  • Two-story models include a full second floor or loft, your choice - Full 2nd floor is the same size as the first floor - Loft shape determined by customer - call to discuss options  
  • 4" Porch Post Uppers (can be upgraded to 6x6" for small fee); lower posts are considered part of the foundation, thus will be supplied by the customer (However, if it's only 3-4 block from the top of the porch pads to the top of the foundation, SweetCabins can supply the lower posts as a courtesy)
  • Installation of 5 customer provided, standard size, new construction style windows manufactured with a nailing flange (not Replacement nor J-Channel); extra standard installs cost $85 per window, bigger windows $105; few installs come with additional fees that are priced on site - call to discuss, for example: rounded or geometric windows, huge windows, windows up high along a cabin width where there is no 2nd floor, a gang of windows counts as individual windows, etc.
  • Installation of 2 customer provided, pre-hung, exterior doors; extra installs cost $85 per door, patio doors/double doors/single door with sidelight $105
  • All porches are finished and nicely trimmed out - End porches along a cabin width stop short of the corner a couple feet to fit within the cabin roofline. Click here for more information on our PORCHES.
  • We build on customer provided, properly engineered foundations; no charge to build on a low crawl space 3-4 blocks high; basement set fee $1295; low post system $895 (once you are on the building list, we'll draw up a print that will delineate where the weight loads will fall, measurements, and specifics for your foundation)
  • Transportation not included - price based on cabin dimensions and model along with site location - Just give us a call when you're ready for that step and we can get a figure for you!​

Our Three Cabin Models:

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