30 x 60 2-Story Gambrel with

Four-Sided 8' Wraparound Porches 

30 x 32 2-Story Gambrel with Two 10 x 32 Porches 

+Transportation Fee

30 x 40 2-Story Gambrel with Two-Sided 8' Wraparound Porches 

Click on the images to enlarge.

 Our most popular SweetCabin size!

Note: The second 30x34 SweetCabin shown here was built on the customer's basement. We can build on your basement for a fee. This customer is planning on putting up drywall, so they decided to upgraded to 16" center walls rather than 24" centers that comes standard. This customer also chose to go from 4" to 6" porch posts on the front of their cabin. You may also choose to upgrade to 6" posts and/or 16" center walls for a very reasonable fee. Some pictures shown with customer completed finish work. Please see our Cabin Specifications page and our FAQ page for more information.    

24x24 Gambrel Garage attached

to a 30x60 Gambrel Cabin

Example of a 24 x 36 2-Story Gambrel with Three-Sided 10' Wraparound Porches


Some pictures of this cabin were taken after the customer had interior wall divisions begun, along with railings, staining, etc.

View our SPECS page to learn more about what is included in our standard build.

 Example Gambrel Sizes and Prices:

+Transportation Fee



Porch steps can usually be
completed for a small fee.

others priced at your request




+Transportation Fee

30 x 56 2-Story Gambrel with

Three-Sided 10' Wraparound Porches 


Pictures shown with customer completed railings and stained exterior. Steps extra. 

6' male standing in the center of a 30' wide Gambrel.

The Gambrel is our most spacious cabin!

Gambrel Garage Examples -  Call for a quote!

Consider this! We can build a SweetCabin for you to use as a Garage. You could use any of our three models as a garage. Nearly everything is the same in the "garage" as the specifications listed for our cabins, minus the first floor, and instead of five free window installs and two door installs, we'll frame out all of your garage doors and install one man door, no charge. We can attach a garage to our cabins in a few different ways, call to discuss options. I'm sorry, we can't attach a garage or our cabins to any other existing structure, but we can build a few feet away and you could attach them with a breezeway down the road.  


+Transportation Fee

Look below for example sizes and prices of our Gambrel SweetCabins! Don't see a price for the size you are considering? 

Call Darcy for a quote at  740-541-9639!


+Transportation Fee

24 x 32 2-Story Gambrel

with an 8 x 32 Porch

       Hopefully the examples on this page give you a good understanding of what we can do! These are just what previous customers have decided to have us build; we can build ANY size up to 30 feet WIDE and as LONG as you want with any number of porches, including wraparound and closed-in. If you need a firm quote on something different, please just give us a call! 

Pictures shown with optional exterior steps, customer completed

interior, stained exterior, etc. - These items not included

View our SPECS page here to learn more about what is included in our standard build.

View more customer completed interiors here. 


30 x 40 2-Story Gambrel Two 8 x 40 Porches

 If you figure out what dimensions your cabin and porches

will be and give us a call, we can get a quote for you!

For more information on porches, including wraparound and closed-in, click here.



+Transportation Fee

+Transportation Fee

+Transportation Fee

Interested in learning more? Have questions?

Check out our frequently asked questions 

for more information! 

Check out our cabin specifications!

Still have questions? Want to talk to someone? Call Darcy at (740) 541-9639



M-F 9-6

(Sorry, texting not available)

  - includes two porches along the widths and one along the length

 30 x 44 2-Story Gambrel

 Two-Sided 8' Wraparound Porches


+Transportation Fee


30 x 30 2-Story Gambrel with Two 10 x 30 porches

28 x 32 2-Story Gambrel with Two 8 x 32 Porches


When designing your SweetCabin, consider closing in a porch!


+Transportation Fee

30 x 48 2-Story Gambrel

4-Sided 8' Wraparound Porches 

+Transportation Fee

+Transportation Fee

   Gambrel :  The "Barn Roof" Style  

Pictures shown with customer completed railing, exterior steps, and staining. To learn more about what we do, please view our specifications and our FAQ pages. 


 -includes two porches along the length and one along a width

+Transportation Fee

Some customers choose to have their porches closed in underneath by their block foundation. We typically just ask for a small concrete pad on the ground where each of the porch posts will be. But, if you want to close in the under the porch too, that is just fine! Just let us know what you're hoping to do before we draw up your foundation print.  

30 x 40 2-Story Gambrel with Three-Sided 10' Porches 

30 x 30 2-Story Gambrel

Two 8 x 30 Porches 

Call to check availability in your area.



+Transportation Fee

Pictures of the second cabin are shown with a section of the porch closed-in; this addition is priced separately. We can close in any portion of your porch. Simply call for quotes once you know what you're after. 

+Transportation Fee

+Transportation Fee

30 x 32 2-Story Gambrel with Two-Sided 8' Wraparound Porches 

30 x 34 2-Story Gambrel with Two 8 x 34 Porches

Some pictures of this cabin are shown with customer completed finishes, such as railing, lights, and finished interior. We can build some porch steps for you for a reasonable fee if there's enough time and lumber on the last day. To learn more about what we do, please check out our specs and our FAQ pages. To see more of this customer's finished cabin, head here

30 x 56 2-Story Gambrel with Two 10 x 56 Porches 

20 x 24 2-Story Gambrel

Two-Sided 8' Wraparound Porches 

24 x 32 2-Story Gambrel with Two 8 x 32 Porches

These pictures are shown with customer completed staining. This is not included. You may choose to stain or simply use a clear wood preservative on your board & batten siding when we leave! 

30 x 56 2-Story Gambrel

Two 10 x 56 Porches 

+Transportation Fee

+Transportation Fee


Some pictures shown with customer completed finishes. To learn more about what WE do, please check out our specs and our FAQ pages. To see more of this customer's finished cabin, head here