QUESTION: What kind of windows and doors will you put in my cabin?
ANSWER: Well, that depends on what you have at your building site at the beginning of the first day of the build. Any windows and doors at your site when we show up on the first day of the build will be able to be installed. We do not supply windows or doors, that would increase your price and chances are we wouldn't have exactly what you want. We'll install 5 of YOUR standard size, new construction style windows with a nailing flange for no charge; extra installs cost $85 per window, picture windows $105. We'll also install 2 of your, pre-hung, exterior doors for no charge; extra installs cost $85 per door, patio/double doors $105. Occasionally some windows come with an additional fee. Rounded/Arched windows can be installed for a very small labor fee; priced upon inspection. A gang of windows, whether attached or not, counts as separate windows. Great big windows or windows installed up high where there is no second floor will come with an additional, yet reasonable fee, priced on site.  

QUESTION: Can we decide where the windows and doors go?
ANSWER: Yes, you'll tell us on the first day of the build exactly where you want your windows. They'll need to be on site so we can measure them in the morning of the first day of the build.

QUESTION: Do you offer financing?
ANSWER: I'm sorry, we don’t offer financing at this time. We currently do not work with any banks. If you choose to take our brochure, website, info, etc. to the bank to show them our step of your cabin, that is up to you! We've had many customers do so. You will want a construction loan with YOU as the general contractor. If you're having a hard time finding a bank to work with, we could possibly offer suggestions on that. Just be sure the bank understands our payment schedule: a 10% deposit will get you on the building list; and the remaining balance is due on the last day of the build, which is usually only 4-6 days after we arrive! Please note that we can't wait weeks or months until the bank has time to come check out your cabin before they release the money to you to pay us. Thanks! 

QUESTION: Can we do Rent to Own?
ANSWER: No. We build the shell of your cabin on your foundation on your land. You will finish it the way you want once we are done. That'd be a tricky one with which to do Rent to Own! 

QUESTION: You mean, you don’t build the foundation?
ANSWER: Typically, that's the way it works. You provide the foundation and sill plate. We'll come to your property and build on your foundation. Occasionally we can take on a few foundations a year, so talk to us about that if you are interested in that. We can build on various types of pre-approved foundations: crawl space, basement, concrete and block piers, LOW post systems, etc. Sorry, we won't build on 8 foot posts. There is a $1,295 labor fee to build on a basement and an $895 fee to build on a post system. Please talk to us about the specifics of these foundations, as they differ from a standard crawlspace. The posts under your porch are considered part of your foundation as well. However, if the porch is only a few feet off the ground, we will provide those posts for no charge. If the porch is hanging out over a hill, up high due to a basement, or just more than 3-4 block from the top of the concrete porch post pad to the top of the foundation, those posts under the porch are the customer's responsibility to have at the site on the first day of the build. We'll set them on YOUR concrete pads so we can make sure they line up with the porch posts that are up on your porch.   

QUESTION: Should I have the foundation done before I buy my cabin?
ANSWER: No, we can help you figure out the details for your foundation after you're on our building list, before you start digging. Once you're on the building list and we know the specifics of your build, one of us here at SweetCabins will sit down and draw up a foundation print for you.

QUESTION: When can you start building?
ANSWER: We’re usually booked at least a few months out, but that will give you time to build your foundation and get your windows and doors to the site. Certain times of year will be a shorter wait than others, but ultimately it depends on what others ahead of you on the build list do. A 10% deposit will get you on the building list! Just give us a call at 740-541-9639 to start the process! 

QUESTION: Can you do dormers? 
ANSWER: Sure, some kinds. We're just starting to offer this so just give us a call and we can discuss options. Once you're in the program for a standard build, we can figure out some extras like dormers. 

QUESTION: What kind of siding do you use? 
ANSWER: We use high-quality, kiln-dried, Eastern White Pine siding, put up Board & Batten style on all of our cabins. We do not use vinyl siding, nor do we recommend you using it once we leave. The board & batten is beautiful! It's too nice to pass up! We can offer some information about a wood preservative for your SweetCabin, so be sure to ask us about that when we get down to building your SweetCabin.

QUESTION: What do I need to do to get my SweetCabin?!
ANSWER: You'll need to pick out the size and model (Gambrel, Gable, One-Story) of your new cabin. You'll also pick what size porches, wraparound porches, closed-in porches, decks, etc. you want on your cabin, if any. Next, we'll write up the cabin (over the phone or in person) and you'll put 10% down to get on the list. If the size of your cabin changes down the road, that's just fine as long as we know a couple weeks before we come out to build. Then we'll work out the details on your foundation, basement, pier system, etc. and give you a print that denotes measurements, weight load placements, and items to be in place with your foundation. Next, you'll find someone to build the foundation, if not us, and give them our print. You'll want to be in contact with us along the way to update us on your foundation progress and keep us posted on the status of your windows/doors. You'll want to find windows and doors early on; occasionally folks will have to wait 7 weeks for their windows to come in! You'll need to have those on site for us to be able to schedule your build. Those must be there when we show up on the first day of the build. We could give you suggestions on some economical places to buy those. You could wait to plan out the interior until after we're out of your way or have the whole cabin planned out before we show up. Some folks slowly finish their SweetCabin as they have the funds, completing one step at a time, while others try to have it all planned out ahead of time so it gets finished to a turnkey status in a snap. We look forward to lending a hand in creating your dream cabin!

QUESTION: How can I get one!?
ANSWER: Just give us a call at 740-541-9639 and we can go from there!

Happy Cabin Planning! It'll be SWEET! 

QUESTION: There are a lot of questions and answers on this page; do I really need to read all this?!
ANSWER: If you are interested in the possibility of building a SweetCabin, we recommend reading all the information here so you know how it all works. 

QUESTION: Will you insulate, wire, or plumb our cabin?
ANSWER: It is not cost effective for us to offer that service at this time. We simply build the SHELL of the cabin, along with the porches. The porches are all finished and nicely trimmed out (please check out our PORCHES page for more information about our porch options). The customer finds who they wish to insulate and finish out the interior wall divisions, plumbing, electric, etc. When we are finished, it's a big open space inside, ready for you to get busy with interior walls, insulation, etc. You'll have your exterior walls complete with our Eastern White Pine Board and Batten siding, the roof, all porches, along with the first and second subfloors. Have a look at our Gambrel, Gable, and One-Story Cabins, and photo albums for interior pictures. Check out our CABIN SPECIFICATIONS for more information on what is included with the deal.   

QUESTION: Do you have floor plans?
ANSWER: SweetCabins does not provide floor plans and does not build interior walls or dividers. We build the cabin shell and the customer finds who they wish to finish out the interior wall divisions. We build cabins in a variety of sizes, up to 30' wide and as long as you'd like, so your SweetCabin could be turned into a one room open space or a 2, 3, 4, 5 + bedroom. You could draw up or find a floor plan that you'd like to use and just let us know the overall dimensions. Lesson of the day: To find the square footage of your cabin, simply multiply the length by the width; double it for the second floor, voila!  

QUESTION: Can you build in our area?
ANSWER: We can build in parts of Ohio, West Virginia, and Kentucky. Please call us with your zip code to see if we can build in your area. 

QUESTION: What does the inside look like?
ANSWER: SweetCabins builds the shell of your cabin. Inside it's an unfinished, big, open space. The interior of the cabin is not finished out, nor do we offer that service. When standing inside on the first floor, you'll see the OSB subfloor, wall studs and the house wrap lining the perimeter of cabin (or the inside of the siding if you choose not to get house wrap), a basic set of steps up to the full second floor or loft, and floor joists overhead holding up the OSB subfloor on 2nd floor/loft. If you have a loft, you'll be able to see all the way up to the rafters from the first floor. There will be a beam holding up the second floor or loft, running down the center of the length, with support posts holding up the beam. Exact placement of the supports will be drawn up in your plans once you get on the building list. Have a look at our photos on the Photo Albums page as well as on the Gambrel, Gable, and One-Story pages for interior picture examples.  

QUESTION: Do you have models?
ANSWER: We do not maintain models, but we often have customers that will let us show their recently built cabin to potential customers who are ready to take the next step.

QUESTION: Do you have a list of cabins and prices?
ANSWER: Kind of, we have many examples with prices that previous customers have chosen, which are shown on our GableGambrel, and One-Story pages. Those should give you a good estimate for what YOU may choose, but you can ask for a firm quote for ANY size; you don't have to choose one exactly like you've seen here. We build up to 30 feet wide and as long as you wish. We can build Two-Story Gambrel, Two-Story Gable, or One-Story Gable SweetCabins, with any number of porches, including wraparound or closed-in. That said, there are endless options and prices so we don't have a "price list" available. (Small business, keeping it we can have simple prices!) 

QUESTION: Will you sell me a kit?
ANSWER: No kits. We don't sell them, nor do we use them. We hand build your cabin right on your site. It only takes us a few days, so let us do all the dirty work! You'll have plenty to do when we leave to make it your own unique cabin!

QUESTION: Can I have a blue roof?
ANSWER: Yes, we have 18 colors available, shades of red, green, blue, white, brown, black, copper, etc. We'll get the color samples out when you’re ready to get down to business.

QUESTION: Why do you have a transportation fee and how much is it?
ANSWER: Since the Amish don’t drive, we pay to have our crew driven to your site each day of the build. We base the charge on your zip code, and size/model of the build. We’ll be happy to get you a quote when you call.

QUESTION: What's with the building list?
ANSWER: Well, with 10% down you can get on the building list. This will secure your spot in line. We build for our customers in order of purchase. After that, as soon as you are ready with your foundation, windows, and doors, you'll let us know. We will try to get you as SOON as possible! Often times, customers' foundations are not ready when it is their "turn" on the building list. In this case, we will skip them for the time being and continue down the list. We say we are typically "a few months out," but if you are determined to get your foundation ready, you may get in much sooner. That said, you my have to wait a little while if everyone is finally ready at the same time. Because of all this, and because some jobs take longer than others, there's no way we can say exactly when we will get to you, BUT most often our customers don't have to wait any too long once their foundations are good to go! ALSO.... about this "list" business: Not only will getting on the building list by the end of the year SECURE your spot in line, but also the PRICE, should we face price increases. We typically re-evaluate our prices each year, but if you are on the building list by the end of the year, we'll honor the price bracket you were quoted for 12 months, even if you end up changing the size of your build, bigger or smaller. So, get on the building list today!  


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